Monday, January 9, 2012

The Mountain that Trembles in his Sleep

Blueberry Lake, Labelle, QC

I miss the alleyway days of the old youth.
Though no actually pavement was in sight,
 gliding through old dirt roads as an unknown soldier remarks of a story their mother once told of a machete carrying cross legged frustrated individual she once passed 
on her last attempt at roadless assimilation.
This marking our arrival at Blueberry Lake and our filming of our own Quebecois remake of 'Cabin Fever',
fully equipped with hockey mask, Krueger sweater, and vegan feast options.
It was an escape from the city we so desperately pretend we are not in love with.
An infatuation game gone so far crossing us over into sin, hatred, and resentment.
The events were of such youthful glaze that the whiskey haze and faint smokey blaze could not distract us from the company of the wooded testosterone we so desperately seceded.
Either way, clouded or clear, our escape to witch mountain was a success along with the three street shots I managed to grab in before departing the city's sluggish hustle.
but we should admit anything next to a fireplace, or outdoor jacuzzi is usually qualified for first prize. 
Thank you two both parties, Steph and Lucas who invited me to congregate like the Brothers of Infinite Love and celebrate their births in proper first snow manner.
Bonne Fete my friends!

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