Friday, August 5, 2011

Sanjay Dutt Cancels His Wedding With Manyata

second round of strange events, Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt and wife Manyata have revoked the marriage in Goa.

Apply a couple of Goa marriage registrar wants to cancel their marriage Thursday and the Goa marriage registrar has accepted the application by allowing them to cancel the wedding. The marriage is annulled.

The couple said in their lawsuit that they have no desire to honor their marriage in the Portuguese Civil Code.

Sources said the couple decided to cancel their marriage to avoid the legal quagmire that results from the residential certificate alleged untrue that the registrar had accused Manyata to present at the time of marriage.

Duo apparently wanted to register a marriage under the special law marriages, but it was said at the time of marriage that the Act does not apply to Goa.

Independent sources have confirmed this in Goa, reached by phone Thursday afternoon IANS.

The development comes just three weeks after the couple entered the marriage in Goa and followed it with a Hindu wedding ceremony in Mumbai.

Circles close to Dutt described the development an indication of how Dutt and Manyata are 'frustrated by the continuing legal complications hampering their wedlock ".

A close friend of Dutt, filmmaker Nitin Manmohan, told IANS Thursday that Sanjay and Manyata just want to lead "a normal and peaceful life married, but the legality of their marriage rocking left a bitter taste."

Manmohan said though he had not yet spoken to Dutt about the matter, he sympathized with the couple.

The marriage has led to several controversies. Office of the First Goa marriage hit a notice on the couple and Manyata's former husband Meraj-ur-Rehman said he was still married to Dutt's wife.

Fourteen days after the marriage was registered in Goa, the Marriage Act the Registrar there served Manyata with a show cause notice asking him to fake residential certificate that she had posted.

A government official was suspended for allegedly Goa reasons for accepting invalid documents and registering the marriage in the tiny tourist paradise.

- Indo-Asian News Service.

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